Can ABM Help B2B Marketers
Cope with this New Reality?

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As companies deal with COVID-19 and try to assess its impact, we are also facing the difficult realization that demand is likely to decline across most sectors. But as B2B marketers (and sales practitioners), the fact remains that we’re still on the hook for generating and delivering on pipe goals that may now seem impossible. This challenge is particularly daunting because some of our most trusted marketing tactics are no longer available. All conferences and field events are canceled. And with so many people working from home, direct mail simply does not make sense right now. Additionally, a hard sell in this environment risks coming off as tone-deaf while people deal with more substantive issues.

So, how should B2B marketers operate in this new reality? This session offers seven tips to help you navigate this challenging environment.

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Peter Isaacson
CMO, Demandbase