Selling the Value of ABM in your Organization

Wanna build a better business case for ABM? Learn about best practices for overcoming objections, building consensus and commitment, and avoiding common missteps. Read more


Selling the Value of ABM in your Organization

What does it take to get your organization committed to account-based marketing? How do you get your CFO to green-light the budget, get the sales organization committed to a new level of coordination, and rally the rest of your organization around the strategies, resources and focus necessary to drive ongoing ABM success?

In this webinar you’ll receive specific, immediately actionable tools and best practices to coordinate your entire organization around account-based marketing. You will hear:

  • Best practices from peers who have successfully “sold” a focus and investment in ABM internally
  • Specific messaging, presentation and ROI measurement tools that work to build consensus and commitment
  • Common obstacles and objections to ABM, and how to overcome them

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