Partner Webinar

Demandbase's Next-Gen Advertising Solution

Live Webinar

Tuesday, October 2
10 - 11AM PDT

Can an Advertising solution really be THAT different? You bet it can! Can it really solve the challenges that B2B Marketers have reaching the buying committee at Target Accounts with the right message? Absolutely!

But now you’re probably left asking the questions: How? What? Why?

Join us for this webinar to find out:

  • How we’re changing the game with this new advertising solution (and why you want to work with us)
  • What AI brings to the table that makes this solution so ground breaking
  • Why your clients should spend their ad dollars on Demandbase’s Targeting Solution vs the status quo

You will hear from Kent Ragen, VP, Strategic Alliances and Channel Sales and Amy Neidlinger, Sr. Director of Product Adoption as they dive into the new solution and field your questions about the new offering!

join us!

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Kent Ragen
VP, Strategic Alliances and Channel Sales
Amy Neidlinger
Sr. Director of Product Adoption