As Easy as Demandbase One, Two, Three

Quick Tips for Sales

Live Webinar

Thursday, March 18
10 - 11AM PDT

2020 truly changed the world forever. And here at Demandbase, it’s no different. Across both the Marketing and Sales teams, we’ve had to pivot to become more efficient with less. We’ve had to learn new skills and change the way we work in order to confidently go into 2021 with peace of mind that we will hit our goals.

In this webinar mini-series, we’ve put together quick tips and use cases on how we’ve been using Demandbase One in order to become more efficient even with limited resources.

See how our Marketing Operations, Sales Development, and Demand Generation teams are hitting our goals all while keeping up productivity and freeing up some time for what really matters – like those all-important walks around the block!

In part 4 of our series, Vin Matano, one of our Account Executives, will walk through how he uses Demandbase One every day to:

  • Become proactive by using intent to discover pain points and interests that were otherwise not disclosed on previous client interactions.
  • Collaborate with sales development using a consistent data set while creating rules of engagement depending on the accounts journey stage.
  • Review all previous account owner emails and activity to minimize lost sales insights and previously shared timelines and considerations.
  • Get full insight into your target account’s activity levels, from both known and anonymous behaviors on your website and on the internet.

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Vin Matano
Account Executive, Mid Market