Enjoying the Many Flavors of a Blended ABM Strategy

This is How You ABM 1:1, 1:Few and 1:Many

Live Webinar

Wednesday, May 20
10 - 11AM PDT

Whether you’re just starting or have been executing ABM programs for years, taking a blended approach to ABM is a smart move. In this webinar, we’ll explore how all three approaches (1:1, 1:Few and 1:Many) have their place in a blended ABM strategy with practical tips and key insights.

During the webinar, Brian Finnerty, VP of Growth and Beth Tiltges, Director of Field Marketing will dive deep into:

  • The anatomy of a deal, and the new reality of the buyer’s journey
  • How to kick off a blended ABM program efficiently
  • Best practices for leveraging intent and data insights across your integrated programs
  • Recommendations on sales enablement and alignment

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Brian Finnerty
Vice President, Growth
Beth Tiltges
Director, Field Marketing