Awareness vs. Precision
Rethinking Channels, Metrics & Tactics

In this webinar you will learn how to leverage top of funnel channels for scale and precision with account-based marketing. Read more


Awareness vs. Precision
Rethinking Channels, Metrics & Tactics

New research from Demand Gen Report shows that marketers are increasingly focusing on quality engagement over quantity and are rethinking their investments and traditional tracking metrics to adjust to evolving buyer needs.

This webcast, featuring John Dering of Demandbase, will highlight the latest benchmark data on the channels, metrics and tools practitioners plan to leverage in order to better attribute marketing campaigns and leads to revenue.

This webcast will share an in-depth analysis of this year’s research along with tips and best practices, including:

  • Demand Gen priorities for 2019 — such as improving conversion rates and campaign results, improving the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact and generating the right contacts/stakeholders within target accounts — that are impacting go-to-market strategies and planning
  • The tools marketers are planning to support a shift to ABM solutions and precision marketing
  • The new metrics organizations are analyzing as they move from traditional demand generation metrics to data that aligns around business outcomes
  • The channels — such as email, in-person events and trade shows, website, search and social — being used to drive engagement and provide precise messaging to key stakeholders
  • How marketers are optimizing channels at different stages of the funnel to balance specific goals of scale and precision and the continued importance of data and buyer insights

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