Artificial Intelligence
in an Account-Based Marketing World

Learn how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the B2B landscape in an Account-Based Marketing World. Read More


Artificial Intelligence
in an Account-Based Marketing World

You can’t read a news article without some reference to Artificial Intelligence (AI). From Siri, to Spotify, to Call of Duty and now self-driving cars, AI is becoming a standard part of our daily lives. That is no different for the B2B world. A recent study surveying 500 marketing executives found that 80% believe AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020 while only 10% are actually using it.

But that is all about to change. In June 2016, Demandbase acquired Spiderbook, an AI-based solution that helps B2B companies overcome the most complex data challenges. Host Analytics was one of the first customers to leverage Spiderbook’s AI technology and achieved amazing results.

Join Demandbase and Host Analytics for a webinar on January 24 to learn:

  • How AI is changing the B2B landscape and what powers the technology behind Demandbase
  • How Host Analytics leveraged Spiderbook to make its marketing more efficient
  • The challenges marketing and sales professionals face with AI
  • How to overcome those challenges to maximize sales conversations and close more deals

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