ABM 2 Ways - Deconstructing different strategies with Jon Miller and Bev Burgess

Live Webinar

Thursday, August 5
10 - 11AM PDT

Join Bev Burgess, author of A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing: Second Edition, and Jon Miller, Engagio-founder / Demandbase CMO / author of The Clear and Complete Guide to ABX, as they discuss different perspectives when it comes to developing an account-based strategy.

In a panel moderated by Inverta’s Executive Vice President of Consulting Kathy Macchi, Burgess and Miller will deconstruct their unique philosophies on ABM, reveal the key ingredients to outlining an informed strategy, and explain the practical considerations that organizations need to have before, during, and after they commit to an account-based approach.

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Kathy Macchi
EVP, Consulting Services
Bev Burgess
Founding & Managing Principal
Inflexion Group
Jon Miller