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Field Marketing loves to engage high-value accounts, bringing the best resources to the table to help drive meaningful conversations and progress deals further down the funnel. When you think about it, ABM is tailor-made for field campaigns—helping you to execute programs in cities with the highest saturation of your key prospects and customers. Even better, Field Marketing operates as a true partner to Sales and Customer Success by accelerating deal velocity and driving net new and upsell revenue. What more could you need? Dive into our ABM resources for field marketers today.

ABM Delivers Results


Buyers are more likely to purchase after a “higher brand connection” like a field event
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Teams using ABM are more tightly aligned with Sales


Resources for Field Marketing

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Learn how Field Marketing fits into an ABM strategy, and how you can best work with your team to drive success with the strategy. Get the Ebook
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Dive into lessons learned about how to start and scale your ABM strategy, all from a Field Marketer's perspective.
SiriusDecisions named Field Marketing as a key 2019 initiative for CMOs. Why is one of the oldest marketing functions a key initiative? When Field Marketing focuses on pipeline acceleration & ABM, it has to be.
Get on the road to Sales and Marketing alignment with tips and tricks from our Field Marketing team.

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