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Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to grow lifetime customer value

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Align customer goals with your company objectives to ensure growth opportunities are never missed, and customers are never lost.

Customer needs and pain points evolve over time, often beyond what their owned solutions can solve for. Without consistent alignment on customer goals & objectives, a false perception may grow that your company cannot adequately address their growing business demands. To make matters worse, it should be expected that competition will use FUD tactics in attempts to steal away customers. Ideally your team is able to keep tabs on competitive intent and growing customer interests, but this has historically been next to impossible.

Demandbase changed the game with the introduction of high quality intent signals at scale, and continues to improve an already unparalleled offering with Demandbase One. No longer is there an excuse to get blindsided by competitors as you can combine your 1st party data with Demandbase’s 3rd party data to create a predictive model that illuminates customer wants and needs.

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[Demandbase] helps us understand what competitors our prospects or customers are evaluating, so we can take action accordingly. It also helps us understand which contacts are engaging on our website post meeting and what materials they are downloading.

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Demandbase One is the complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite. Check out more use cases to see how Demandbase One can help you.

Identify Engagement Strategies that Advance Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

Use intent to identify unique product and competitive interest intent with ease.

  • Don’t get blindsided by competitors taking customers – filter by competitive intent keywords to see if competitive intent is shown.
  • Take note of conversations around future use cases of forgone products so that it can be resurfaced at a later date. In this example, we’re identifying customer accounts with intent for personalization using the ‘Intent’ selector.
  • Apply first-party data on product ownership in the ABM Platform.

Identify Engagement Strategies that Advance Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

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Target Customers with Personalized Messaging

As a Digital Marketer, how can I appeal to existing customers with relevant messaging to drive upsell revenue?

  • Send the right message/content/offer based on what type of relationship you have with the customer at any moment in time.
  • Number of campaigns and segments targeted depends on resources, bandwidth, and budget. You may need to prioritize a few specific segments to start.
  • While prospects need to know more about who you are and what you do, customers may respond better to special offers for upsells.

Target Customers with Personalized Messaging

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Deepen Brand Connection via Customer-Centric Experiences

As a Customer Marketer, how can I engage existing customers with different content to encourage exploration of new solutions?

  • Build the foundation – there are several lenses you can apply to your audience to create meaningful segments: Industry, Size, Product Usage / Ownership.
  • Align messaging and content to each segment.
  • Consider a segment’s sensitivity to personalization, and avoid what would be considered “creepy”.

Deepen Brand Connection via Customer-Centric Experiences

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