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Align advertising dollars & marketing campaigns to the account journey.

Does your marketing team struggle to understand where to optimally focus their advertising and campaign budgets and what channels and messages to use at which points in the account journey? Does your sales team lack confidence that they are going after the highest priority accounts and saying the right things to those accounts? What if you could optimize the time your team spends on aligning advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple tools and systems? What if you could see exactly how your budgets are being used and understand positive impact from your marketing spend? You can with Demandbase One.

Demandbase One is the one complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite for revenue teams. It combines the leading Account-Based Experience and B2B Advertising with the best Sales Intelligence capabilities to identify, understand, and engage accounts seamlessly across all channels, supported by key data assets and data management. It connects everything that matters to deliver great experiences at every stage of the account journey for prospects and customers alike. Demandbase One helps you optimize and align dollars on every key advertising and marketing channel so you know you are investing your budget into the accounts that matter most.

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From a marketing perspective, we're solving the question of knowing what accounts are coming to our site and what content areas they are interacting with most so we can continually optimize. From a digital advertising perspective, it gives a smaller company like ours the ability to get in front of our prospects in a way we wouldn't have had the budget for in a traditional model.

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Michael R., Mid-Market

Demandbase One is the complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite. Check out more use cases to see how Demandbase One can help you.

Understand In-Market Intent and Engagement

As a Demand Gen Marketer, I have an established target account list, but how can I segment by activity to inform my next targeted campaign?

  • In Demandbase One, prioritize your Target Account List (TAL) using selectors to isolate accounts with recent intent and marketing engagement activity.
  • Use this list to target the engaged accounts with the relevant messaging.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Deliver accounts to Sales for alignment on communication/prioritization strategy.
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Understand In-Market Intent and Engagement

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Pilot Top of Funnel Advertising

As a Digital Marketer, I want to increase site traffic from target accounts who are showing meaningful intent but have low interaction with my brand.

  • Begin by creating an Account List referencing your TAL.
  • Include the Journey Stage of Aware to show accounts that are showing intent but are not showing a high level of engagement.
  • Within Advertising, create a New Campaign, and utilize the list you created to create a personalized campaign to drive awareness and engagement.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Leverage Site Customization to personalize your home page and/or other high value pages of your website to ensure consistent messaging.
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Pilot Top of Funnel Advertising

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Deliver Intent and Engagement Insights to Sales

As a Marketing Ops Manager, I want to make sure that my sales teams are receiving important and actionable information on a regular cadence to prioritize their outreach.

  • Create Reports using Selectors based on information your sales team should action like customers displaying high competitive intent signals in the last week.
  • Create and configure a Subscription from the desired report(s).
  • Select recipients, channel of delivery (Slack/Email), and frequency of send.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Group multiple email Subscriptions into a Digest view for easy viewing.
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Deliver Intent and Engagement Insights to Sales

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Orchestrate Campaigns Based on Pipeline Status

As a Marketing Ops Manager, I want to automate campaigns and processes to make them less manual, more segmented, and more effective.

  • Build a Selector to include people that are indicated as Key Contacts and belong to accounts that are in the MQA stage.
  • In Actions, choose the appropriate action based on your integrations and include relevant details.
  • In Scheduler, make the automation recurring on the desired cadence.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Activate campaigns or actions differently depending on the persona or account tier in question.
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Orchestrate Campaigns Based on Pipeline Status

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Connect to all the data that matters, execute across all the channels your accounts are on, and deliver value at every stage of the account journey with the most complete suite of B2B go-to-market solutions.

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