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Build an account-based foundation to give your Marketing and Sales teams one view of an account.

How often do you find your Marketing and Sales teams working in different systems, not knowing what the other team is doing? When revenue teams work in silos, it’s hard to know what actions and communications have taken place with an account. Additionally, updating account information, campaigns, owner lists, and maintaining data is often manual and takes a lot of time if you have to log into multiple systems. This results in revenue teams being inefficient and accounts suffering from uncoordinated efforts.

Demandbase One is the one complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite for revenue teams. With Demandbase you can combine your 1st party data with Demandbase’s 3rd party data to create one view of an account for your revenue teams. Not only will you be able to see anonymous intent and engagement but you’ll be able to also see intent and engagement for accounts in your CRM. It’s the one place for Sales and Marketing to go to see which accounts are engaged, what activities they’ve performed and the communication that’s taken place. Connect all of your customer data in one place for a comprehensive view of an account with Demandbase One.

Customer story

We are transitioning to an account-focused organization as a whole, so Demandbase is helping our sales organization acclimate themselves with their new lists/territories and better understand what matters to their accounts. It is also helping our marketers measure the success of their programs with new, account-focused KPIs like engagement.

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Demandbase One is the complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite. Check out more use cases to see how Demandbase One can help you.

Prioritize Accounts Based on Likelihood to Convert

As a Sales Rep, I want to make sure that I’m prioritizing outreach to my accounts based on signals indicating likelihood to open an opportunity.

  • On the Analytics dashboard, select your auto-generated account list.
  • Use the Pipeline Predict tab under ‘Accounts’ to see your accounts with the highest scores.
  • Alternatively, add Pipeline Predict into any account selector to refine an existing list.
  • Take it to the Next Level: Layer on filtering rules to further prioritize and identify key accounts that need nurturing.
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Prioritize Accounts Based on Likelihood to Convert

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Empower Sales with Account & Individual Engagement Insights

As a Sales Leader, I want all of our teams to be empowered by high priority and impactful information in an easy-to-access view.

  • On the Analytics dashboard, build a view detailing actionable and insightful data using a combination of filters and menu selections.
  • Open the menu and select “Save View as Quick Card”.
  • Choose an existing Quick Card to replace and Apply to Account List Dashboard.
  • Take it to the Next Level: Build different Quick Cards and customize where they appear using User Views.
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Empower Sales with Account & Individual Engagement Insights

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Personalize Journey Stages

As a Marketing Ops Manager, it’s important to create journey stages that match our actual sales cycles and engagement criteria for accurate reporting, usage, and orchestration for all teams in Demandbase One.

  • Within Settings, navigate to Account Journey Builder.
  • Click Edit and Add New Stage to create additional stages or Reorder to rearrange the list of stages.
  • Using Selectors, build criteria to create each stage as defined by your buyer journey and important engagement stages.
  • Take it to the Next Level: Execute triggered campaigns or sales actions when an account enters a high priority stage (MQA) using segmented account details.
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Personalize Journey Stages

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Pipeline Analysis

As a Marketing Executive, I want to see where target accounts exist in our funnel and how target account list opportunities are converting in quarter.

  • Navigate to the Journey dashboard.
  • Select a timeframe and the list you’d like to review to get insights on accounts, journey stages, pipeline opportunities, and statistics on transitions from stage to stage.
  • View multiple lists at the same time to evaluate trends.
  • Take it to the Next Level: Use the Compare feature to compare different timeframes.
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Pipeline Analysis

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