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Drive revenue and increase retention with Demandbase One, the only unified B2B Go-to-Market suite

With Demandbase One, you have one unified place to connect to all the data that matters, execute across all the channels your accounts are on, and deliver value at every stage of the account journey. The Demandbase Data Cloud, ABX Cloud, Sales Intelligence Cloud, and Advertising Cloud work together seamlessly and let your entire Go-to-Market organization benefit from full transparency and collaboration as they drive revenue growth and increase retention.

What Marketing and Sales teams need today is a single solution, one that gives them the ability to address the core issues Sales, Marketing and even Customer Success run into on a daily basis trying to partner with their customers in the B2B buyer’s journey. B2B Revenue teams need:

Customer story

The team at Demandbase has been consistently excellent; from trial onto implementation. The tool and the insights they provide us - intent topic rating combined with pages visited on our site - are invaluable in determining who might be the best potential sales prospects. This has completely revamped our approach to different segments and significantly shortened our sales cycle time.

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Suzanne D.,
Founder and Chief Strategist, Mid-Market

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