ABX Account-Based Sales

The Ultimate Sales Assist for B2B Sellers


A new unified user experience built just for sales. Only if you want to work smarter.

Account-based experience (ABX) engagement data meets sales intelligence to give sellers all the data and insights you need in one ridiculously easy view. All within your CRM, where you live every day.

Spot the juiciest opportunities earlier. Engage like you know what they need — ’cause now you do. And get yourself to President’s Club a whole lot faster.

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Always have the advantage. See opportunities before your unsuspecting competitors.

Now more than ever, sales reps need full visibility into their target accounts long before a lead ever raises a hand. And unlocking these hidden signals is essential to modern pipeline building and revenue. If you’re clueless about who’s researching your products and competitors, blind to which accounts are visiting your website, and oblivious to which buyers you should focus on, you risk losing opportunities to your undeserving competitors.

Account-Based Sales aggregates all the juicy bits of information sellers need — from 1st- and 3rd-party sources — into a single account view. Visualize your engagement across channels, alongside detailed company and contact data. Picture it: deep firmographics, buyer intelligence, historical activity within email, CRM, and your marketing automation platform, plus undercover activities like intent behaviors and anonymous web activity. All lit up inside the tools your reps use everyday — think CRM, email, and websites like LinkedIn — for quick insights and ready action. The end result? Hours saved, faster sales cycles, and bigger wins!


Insights tucked into your CRM

See everything you need to know about your accounts and contacts in a single view.

  • Discover new buyers — and their contact details — and sync the data directly to your CRM with included credits
  • Uncover everything that marketing is doing with your key buyers so you can show up informed.
  • Prioritize accounts and people for immediate outreach using Demandbase’s predictive scoring and engagement minutes.
  • View historical timelines of all activities, product and competitor intent, persona-based engagement heatmaps, and more.
  • Use your aggregated connections to get warm introductions to prospects from people they already know.
  • Check out corporate family trees to understand key relationships, grow your network, and build bridges that lead to cross-sell opportunities.

Action-packed dashboards

Unwrap dashboards and reports in your CRM, right out of the box.

  • Get immediate access to relevant and actionable information.
  • Customize your view to show hot accounts by owner or territory.
  • Impress your manager with the current and future health of your pipeline.

A secure, unified account inbox

Get visibility into historical conversations within the account.

  • Save precious time by automatically logging outbound and inbound emails, and meetings as tasks in CRM.
  • Configure security settings to keep your compliance people happy.

Custom alerts and territory digests

Never miss a new engagement or key activity.

  • Know where to focus your attention with engagement highlights, Pipeline Predict models, top intent behaviors, and more.
  • Jump on automated email insights to make better decisions and close deals faster.
  • Catch real-time behaviors from target accounts and key personas within Slack.

A shiny Chrome extension

See actionable account and people insights while browsing the internet.

  • Access predictive scores, account dashboards, recent emails, engagement alerts, company and contact details, and more. You’re only a click away, no matter where you are.
  • Click into the extension in your CRM, LinkedIn, Gmail, or anywhere you travel on the world wide web to see as if you never left home.
  • Turn insights into action through our partners’ apps — Salesloft, Outreach, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more — or within Demandbase One.

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