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Step-aside lead-based systems. Make way for an account-based view of your world.

You can’t be account-based when your systems aren’t

Traditional marketing and sales technologies are lead-based, and critical data is often spread across fragmented systems. That sucks! And makes it impossible to connect the dots and understand how your target accounts are engaging on and off your website. We can make your systems smarter.

Demandbase’s unified Account Data Foundation aligns sales and marketing around a shared view of your accounts for connected insights into every buying journey.

Tomorrow’s winners are building an account-based foundation today.
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A unified account data foundation

Ever heard of a single pane view? That’s what you get when you combine your data with our third-party insights and behavioral signals to create a unified Account Data Foundation.

  • Connect lead-based systems (CRM, marketing automation, corporate email, website, etc.) to create a single source of accurate account truth.
  • Enrich your accounts with our firmographic, contact, technographic, and intent data.
  • Log tasks and create contacts in CRM automatically, based on emails and meetings. The magic happens when all your data flows through one platform.
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Lead-to-Account Matching

You don’t sell to leads, you sell to accounts. Get the industry’s most complete solution to match leads to accounts (L2A) and start seeing the bigger picture.

  • Use fuzzy logic to match on email, company name, and custom fields, with customizable tiebreakers to handle multiple accounts and respect parent-child hierarchies.
  • Route leads quickly and accurately based on account ownership status.
  • Augment lead records with relevant account data like industry, company size, and more.
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Account Identification

Stop flying blind. Identify anonymous accounts when they visit your website or consume content off site.

  • Get unparalleled match rates and accuracy using a combination of our first- and third-party data, plus proprietary machine learning.
  • Identify in-the-moment engagement (whether on-site or with an ad) and serve them tailored messaging that leaves them wanting more.
  • Accurately identify web traffic regardless of whether they’re working from home, office, or on the move.
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Segmentation and Audience Management

Use Selectors to precisely segment accounts and define target audiences for tailored campaigns.

  • Take advantage of powerful cross-object filters to create segments that other platforms can’t match.
  • Create hyper-targeted audiences by combining AI-powered account selection with custom CRM data, opportunities, buyer persona, journey stage, behavior, intent, recent sales activity, and more. (That’s a long list!)
  • Push audiences to your favorite third-party platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, Adobe, and your marketing automation platform to orchestrate across channels. (Phew!)
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Engagement Minutes

Uncover powerful buying signals about account engagement and progression. No more wasting time chasing accounts that aren’t interested… yet.

  • Track how buyers interact with your company using a flexible, minutes-based model.
  • Customize the model based on your unique business needs. It’s way better than your typical predictive black-box.
  • Assign minutes for all activities and create custom categories to identify expansion opportunities.
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Field Management

Manage and create custom fields based on your needs. Because one-size-fits-all rarely does.

  • Specify the data source you want for Selectors, filters, and tables.
  • Create custom fields based on your company’s needs.
  • Sync calculated fields back to CRM.
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Data Integrity

Get to better insights with clean CRM data

  • Automatically clean accounts, contacts, and leads in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Fill in missing fields and append data.
  • Easily spot duplicate and out-of-date business data.
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Data Stream

Flow platform data to your preferred data lake, data warehouse, cloud storage, or BI solutions.

  • Create custom dashboards using data like intent, web traffic, and advertising metrics.
  • Deliver custom reports to track customer buying behavior and data for anyone to use.
  • Access and analyze the data you need, where you need it.
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