The Revenue Impact of Demandbase

What could your expected return be?

This calculator uses typical case-studies we’ve gathered to estimate your return.

Justifying a new technology purchase is always a challenge. This calculator assists with reviewing your current pipeline metrics and layers on conservative uplifts in performance that lead up to increased revenue, as a result of purchasing Demandbase. This includes increases in average deal size, opportunities per month, opportunity to close rates, and a decrease in the sales cycle.

Although these numbers are just estimates, Demandbase will assist every step of the way to meet or exceed the below numbers. Along with our onboarding services, you will have access to Demandbase Academy, an ABM advanced certified Customer Success Manager, workshops, customer office-hours, best-practice content, and even optional professional services.

  • You may need to do separate calculations for different parts of your sales team such as SMB, Enterprise, Verticals, etc. Then simply add them together to come up with your total list size.
  • Save time and use the pre-filled funnel values provided based on industry best practices (or change it to reflect your business)

Currently ? This is the current state of your pre-sales performance indicators.

With DB ? For more information, contact us

$1 Million $500 Million
$10,000 $1,000,000
1 Month 36 Months
13 Months
1 200
0% 100%

Your estimated ROI with Demandbase is $6,508,800 ? For more information, contact us


Will be your revenue, if everything stays the same.

You will hit 72% of your bookings target.


Could be your revenue, with Demandbase.

You would hit 105% of your bookings target.

What else?

Your average deal size will increase to $120,000.

Your average sales cycle will decrease to 13 Months.

Annual Bookings Attainment Without DB With DB 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% 105%
Column Attainment %
Without DB 72
With DB 104


Recommendations from this calculator are intended for general guidance purposes and do not take into consideration your current ABM maturity levels and specific use of Demandbase. The above estimates assume Marketing and Sales fully adopts the insights of the Demandbase Engagement Platform. Purchasing add-on products will further enhance key performance indicators for multiple teams, across different channels. The highest ROI occurs when your entire company embraces an account-based go-to-market strategy. To receive customer case-studies, please contact Demandbase or review our Customer Stories page.

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