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Go-To-Market Lab: How to use Data and Account Intelligence for Smarter Go-To-Market

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70% of organizations are not using data properly. Today’s B2B buying journeys are almost entirely digital, masking the identities and intentions of accounts and their buying teams until the journey is almost over. The winners in this game will be those who learn to use data and insights to light up the journey and deeply understand their accounts.

Is your data fit for this journey?

Join us at our Go-To-Market Lab for a deep dive with Demandbase data expert Adam Perry (VP of Revenue Enablement) and Imran Ahmed (Director, Product Marketing Data Cloud). You’ll learn how to:

  • New data signals to take action on
  • Focus on the accounts whose tech fits your solutions
  • Identify people you should know and how to contact them
  • Injecting the right data into your systems
  • Trigger campaigns, personalize your messaging, avoid churn, and expand accounts


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