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The Anatomy Of A B2B Buying Journey: Analyzing New Data On How Purchase Decisions Are Shaped & Selections Are Made

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This session will look at key findings from the brand-new B2B Buyer’s Survey conducted by Demand Gen Report. Join Tracy Kraft, VP of Revenue Marketing at Demandbase and Demand Gen Report’s Founder and Editorial Director, Andrew Gaffney, for a sneak peek at this year’s benchmark research. We will also dive deeper into the behaviors and preferences of specific members of the buying committee, examining the responses of:

  • Primary decision-makers
  • Influencers
  • Internal champions
  • Researchers
  • End-users
  • This session will also explore how various tactics/touchpoints, such as advertising, email, SDR outreach, social, and webinars, can influence and accelerate the decision-making process at specific stages in the buying journey and how to use this knowledge to more effectively orchestrate sales and marketing motions.


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