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September 2023

A Shot of Espresso:

3 quotes from this month’s featured content

“A part of embracing the slow play is realizing that not everything is going to turn into an opportunity right away and that is perfectly fine. You need to get yourself ready and in position for when they are ready to buy –– not forcing them into your sales cycle when you want to sell.”  Read the blog

“In my time at Marketo I found that I could generate 50% more qualified sales leads at 33% lower cost by nurturing my not-yet-ready-to-buy prospects.” Read the blog

“Today’s business leaders increasingly understand that the best way to deliver on the promise of “customer-centricity” is to have the right technology in hand that provides the Account Intelligence that enables sales professionals to better serve their prospects and customers in ways that are relevant and responsive to specific buyer needs. ” Read the eBook





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