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September 2023

A Shot of Espresso:

3 powerful quotes from this month’s featured content

“As a sales leader, the last thing I want to hear about a substantive deal for that quarter is a rep telling me “last call with them was two weeks ago.” At the enterprise level, it’s imperative you’re using every tool in the bag to keep the momentum.”  Read the blog

“This year has been incredibly challenging for salespeople in many companies across industries. But because we know that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” those who persevered, thought outside the box, and focused on doing right by their customers, are still celebrating wins and closed deals.” Read the blog

“Some may think simple questions like number of companies profiled, number of contacts, or how often data is updated will be enough to know if a sales intelligence provider is the right fit for them. The reality is, that’s just scratching the surface.” Read the eBook





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