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August 2023

A Shot of Espresso:

3 powerful quotes from this month’s featured content

“If you want to know whether an ‘AI app’ is real, dig behind the marketing claims to see if there’s any differentiation. Is the technology really powered by AI? Was the AI necessary? Did it make the offering better? Or is it marketing fluff or something that will be free in Gmail or Outlook?” Read the blog

“In an increasingly digital world where audience targeting is the norm and ability to measure performance from those specific users is expected, the massive gaps in traditional TV just seemed less and less acceptable. ” Read the blog

“Resist the temptation of consumer advertising KPIs. Those are for short, simple, transactional sales cycles. In B2B, clicks and conversions are nothing more than vanity metrics that don’t support the ultimate objective — pipeline and revenue. ” Read the eBook





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