Virtual Marketing Innovation

Presented by Demandbase
ON-DEMAND | 2017


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Peter Isaacson, CMO, Demandbase
Chris Golec, CEO, Demandbase

Welcome and Executive Address

Account-Based Marketing has grown and evolved tremendously over the past year, and technology is at the heart of it. The Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit kicks off with Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase and Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. They will discuss the current state of Account-Based Marketing and how technologies are evolving alongside and in support of the revolution.

Mark Phillips
Digital VP, McKinsey & Company

General Session

Hear from an outstanding, not-to-be-missed thought-leader who will talk about Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing Marketing and Sales technology.

Thimaya Subaiya
SVP, Marketing & Operations, Salesforce

New World of Marketing: The Perfect Customer Experience Management

As customers are faced with increasing choice and access to information, it’s imperative for B2B marketers to anticipate and solve for the needs of their customers. How do you provide customers with a targeted, relevant experience that fits exactly to their needs? In this session, Thimaya Subaiya will discuss the future of marketing technology and lay the vision for an end-to-end marketing solution that engages your customers in real time.

Matt Heinz
President, Heinz Marketing

Profit Center Marketing

It’s easy for Marketing to talk about revenue responsibility. But living that promise is another thing entirely. Too many marketers still promote activities over results, quantity over quality. Operating Marketing as a profit center requires complete alignment at every level of the organization, as well as a fundamental shift in daily behavior. What does it take to transform your team from a perceived cost center to a business-leading profit center? This interactive session will cover best practices from those who have made that shift, along with new insights and a blueprint for managing that kind of change in your organization.

Alison Wagonfeld
VP Marketing, Google Cloud

Marketing Meets Science

As the Cloud industry emerges and matures, Google Cloud marketers have focused on bringing scale to their operations through machine learning and data science. In this talk, Alison Wagonfeld walks through two case studies that span user journey stages and market segments, while also talking to the broader cultural shift toward data-driven marketing and the technology bringing it to life.

Christopher Penn
Vice President of Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications

Cognitive Marketing: How AI and Deep Learning Will Change Marketing Forever

In this riveting talk described by CMOs as “the train headed for us we didn’t see,” you’ll learn the difference between AI and machine learning, how cognitive marketing is in use today in content creation, analytics, and conversation, and what the road ahead looks like. Walk away with a clear map of what your company needs to do to survive the age of AI, how to position your career for personal success, and the three key roles every company will need to thrive. The future will be here sooner than you think!

Lauren Blecher Scherba
Marketing Director, DemandWave

How to Brew the Perfect B2B Blend with ABM and Inbound

Account-based marketing (ABM) is the hottest trend in B2B. Why? ABM tackles today’s top marketing challenge: Delivering quality leads. When done right, ABM fosters sales and marketing alignment, increases the average sale price, accelerates the funnel, and reduces client churn.

ABM’s many success stories leave marketers asking, “What does this mean for inbound marketing?” Despite the ABM buzz, the two are not mutually exclusive. For most B2B marketers, it’s not a question of ABM or inbound marketing, but instead, a matter of defining the right blend of both. In this session DemandWave Marketing Director Lauren Blecher Scherba will share how to use search data to attract, engage, and convert your target accounts, and craft a balanced content creation strategy.

David Johnson
Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Transforming the Customer Lifecycle through Account Based Marketing

In a very short timeframe Account-Based Marketing has gone from non-existent to the most prevalent B2B Demand Gen strategy in the market. Today it is possible to apply ABM across the entire customer lifecycle; however, there are significant challenges and the idea that it is seamless is a myth. In this session, learn how others have approached their ABM strategy to ensure success and how the marketing industry is evolving strategically to improve data quality from a depth and breadth perspective, expand 2nd and 3rd generation integrations to support a near seamless customer journey from anonymous targeting, conversion to known contacts, and concluding with customer nurture, and advance marketing analytics that support true account-based insights.

Rohit Prabhakar
Head of Digital Marketing & Technologies, McKesson

Driving Customer Centric Innovation with ABM + AI

Digital transformation is more critical than ever for B2B, but when it comes to implementing new technology, it can be challenging to determine what, how and when. Leading innovator Rohit Prabhakar argues that customer centricity should be the guiding principle behind change management. In this presentation, he will share how he applied this best practice in bringing two innovations – ABM and AI – to his organization.

Patrice Greene
President & Co-Founder, Inverta
Sally Duby
General Manager, West, The Bridge Group, Inc.

Account-Based Revenue: an Executive-Level Love Story

One of the keys to ABM success is getting executives in Sales and Marketing to collaborate, but that’s often easier said than done. Patrice Greene (Inverta) and Sally Duby (The Bridge Group) help companies overcome this challenge every day, and in this session, they’ll re-enact the tough scenarios sales and marketing executives face when bringing ABM to life. Learn why and how a joint strategy from the top down leads to account-based revenue.

Craig Rosenberg
Chief Analyst & Co-Founder, TOPO
Kristina McMillan
Director of Research, TOPO

Account-Based Sales Development: The Fastest Path to ROI

Almost everyone agrees that ABM is a good idea, but when it comes to execution, there’s still some confusion, especially in the hand-off from demand gen to the SDR team. But companies who were most successful in their first year of ABM have something in common: account-based sales development and orchestration were a top priority. In this session, TOPO Analysts Craig Rosenberg and Kristina McMillan will share how to implement an effective orchestration strategy – sharing the necessary framework, best practices, and real-life examples of successful programs.

Elle Woulfe
VP of Marketing, LookBookHQ

Delivering Content in an ABM World: 3 Changes You Need to Make

The shift to ABM as the dominate B2B marketing strategy has brought about advances in targeting, personalization and analytics. But many ABM programs still look like traditional demand gen. The stakes are higher than ever for marketers to get the “M” in ABM right yet many marketers haven’t adapted the way they deliver content and educate buyers in this new world. Learn how companies are adopting Intelligent Content delivery to address the unique pains of buyers at the account level, nurture anonymous contacts at target accounts and better understand account level interest and intent.

David Fortino
SVP of Audience and Product, NetLine Corporation

The Native Content Approach to ABM That Marketers are Missing

There’s this common misconception among B2B marketers that display advertising and retargeting are the only tactics available to execute ABM at the scale necessary to be successful. But the truth is, if you throw your entire budget behind one tactic, chances are, you’re not going to earn quality results that scale. A better approach to ABM would be to go at it from multiple channels — and most importantly using assets known to engage prospects, your content.

Promoting your long-form content, not ads, to professionals working at your target accounts, while they actively research business-related topics offers a more sophisticated and native approach to ABM. In this session, David Fortino, SVP of Audience and Product at NetLine Corporation will show you how the combination of dynamic ABM-level targeting and native content marketing can increase your ABM success with the conversion of more in-market prospects.

Eric Martin
VP of Customer Experience Marketing, SAP North America
Barry Angeny
Sr. Director, Integrated Media – Brand Advertising, SAP Global Marketing

Scaling ABM Programs: Accelerating the Sale with Personalization

An ABM strategy can live at several different levels of scale depending on the goal. SAP is no newbie to ABM, and has successfully taken several ABM initiatives to a wider segment of its customer base. Join Eric Martin and Barry Angeny, as they cover how SAP has scaled personalization and web recognition from 1:1 ABM plans to targeting thousands of accounts. By learning how SAP improved marketing performance and accelerated sales cycles, you’ll walk away with key insights into how to scale ABM tactics within your organization from those blazing the trail of ABM’s success.

Jessica Fewless
VP, ABM Strategy & Field Marketing Director, Demandbase

ABM Road Warrior: Lessons Learned from over 100 Customer Meetings

Since Demandbase sells to marketers, our Sales team uses the Demandbase Marketing team like most others use SE’s. But instead of talking product, we talk ABM! In this session, Jessica Fewless will cover the top questions and concerns we’ve heard during more than 100 customer visits over the past 12 months, and how we’ve helped marketers solve key challenges to execute successful ABM strategies.

Chris Bondhus
Senior Director, Demand Generation, Brightcove

Making of an ABM Strategy: Behind the Curtain of Brightcove’s Adoption of ABM

A year into adopting an ABM strategy, Chris Bondhus shares Brightcove’s story, highlighting tips for success and outlining challenges to avoid when rolling out ABM at your organization. From list creation to personalizing the buyers’ journey, Chris will offer insight into how ABM is aligning Sales and Marketing while improving Brightcove’s pipeline with analytics and video engagement.

Laura Drake
SVP Global Field & Partner Marketing, CA Technologies
Erica Short
Global Account-Based Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

The Road to ABM: CA’s Journey to an Account-Focused Strategy

While there were pockets of ABM in practice, it wasn’t until recently that CA Technologies decided to embrace it head on. And while taking this direction is one thing, actually getting the entire organization mobilized around it is another. Laura Drake and Erica Short from CA will walk you through their journey and how they leveraged Agile methodology and Big Room Planning to get the team on board.

Charm Bianchini
Sr. Director Marketing, Marketo

Account-Based Marketing: 7 Tips to Success

If you have heard about account-based marketing (ABM) and find it intriguing, but are unclear how it fits into the marketing strategy you currently have in place – join this session! You will learn when ABM makes sense for your business, how Marketo does it, and seven tips to get started on the right path.