State of Sales Technology

Top Brands Adopting New Applications & Approaches to Increase Reps' Productivity and Efficiency.

The topics in this report will cover:
    • The differences between essentials of sales technologies and nice-to-haves
    • How funding rounds, mergers & acquisitions impacts changes in sales tech
    • The role technology plays in engaging remote buyers in the virtual world
    • The best methods and strategies to coach and train sales reps remotely
    • How alignment on key initiatives can curate a streamlined sales tech stack

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How to equip sales teams with the tools they need to succeed in the digital selling environment

The bottom line in this digital-first climate is it’s a buyer’s world and sales reps are just living in it. Between the desire for self-service buying journeys and increased expectations for relevance and personalization, there are various contradictory demands emerging concurrently, driving new opportunities and needs for sales technology.

Though sales tech has always been an essential component of the sales team, the past two years have seen notable evolution as 51 percent of companies implemented new technologies to keep up with buyer demands. It’s not just about keeping up with demands, though, as organizations are also working to equip their sales teams with the tools needed to succeed in the digital selling environment.

The sales tech tides have shifted, and companies must work to streamline their sales reps’ time and keep them up to speed on the latest initiatives. Throughout this report, we’ll discuss the various aspects of sales technology, with specific topics of discussion that will provide insights about how this technology encourages sales enablement and more. Get your copy today!