Demandbase Solutions CERTIFICATION

Get credit for your Demandbase Solutions know-how.

As a Demandbase customer, you want to get the most out of your investment. The Demandbase Solutions Certification gives your organization the foundational knowledge they need to successfully apply account-based marketing and sales best practices using Demandbase solutions with comprehensive, interactive online learning modules and a final exam.

Access to Training Free of Charge All of this training material is available to you and your team online 24×7 from the Demandbase Training Center. Access to the certification training is FREE for Demandbase customers.

Getting Certified Achieving official Demandbase certification status requires completing each of the training modules in addition to passing a certification exam which is priced at US$249. Candidates who successfully complete the exam will receive a certificate from Demandbase to showcase their certification status. To get started, visit the Training Center and log in with your Demandbase account credentials. If you don’t yet have an account, click Request an Account and our Support team will email you with your login within 1 business day.

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Who should register: B2B Marketing and Sales professionals who need to implement ABM using Demandbase Solutions.

  • ABM and the Demandbase Approach
  • How Demandbase Technologies Work
  • A Walkthrough of Each Demandbase Solution
  • Guidelines for Determining Your Organization’s Readiness for Specific Demandbase Solutions
  • How to Use Target Account Lists with Account Watch


NOTE: Needs a Demandbase login. Don’t have one? Request an Account.