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VSP Vision Care Sees More Clearly with Their GTM Data in One Place

The Head Scratcher

With an easily recognized brand, VSP® Vision Care has been around for almost 70 years and provides vision insurance to one in four people in the U.S. They describe themselves as a company that’s about more than insurance and glasses. They’re driven by their commitment to help people see well and be well throughout their lives.

Before bringing Demandbase on board, Marketing Program Manager Lynne Skyrme had been with VSP in different marketing roles for more than fourteen years. As the Marketing Program Manager focused on B2B marketing, she knew better than most that it was time for VSP to evolve from standard lead generation activities to a more strategic ABM approach.

One of the main objectives VSP hoped to address with an ABM tool was the ability to bring all of their data together, as their data was scattered across different systems. Ultimately, Lynne’s goal is to have marketing contribute to the business’s bottom line by effectively working in partnership with sales.

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Company Size
1,001-5,000 employees

Rancho Cordova, CA

Demandbase One™ with ABX, orchestration & advertising


of targeted accounts reached


visited their website


clicked on an ad

"Demandbase is a partner, not just a vendor who sells you a product."
Lynne Skyrme
Lynne Skyrme Marketing Program Manager

Why Demandbase?

When VSP started their search for an ABM platform, Lynne was already partially familiar with the benefits of Demandbase. Since becoming a customer, Lynne says, “Demandbase is helping us tie together data from various systems to understand overall what’s happening with an account. And that’s helping us make smarter business decisions.”

She had also previously completed Demandbase’s ABM certification and had this to say about it, “It wasn’t about a promotion for the Demandbase product; it was about giving me skills that I needed.”

Lynne maintains that the support from Demandbase has strengthened the ongoing partnership. She appreciates that her Demandbase team works to ensure that her ABM program succeeds, saying, “Demandbase is a true partner, not just a vendor who sells you a product.”

How’d They Do?

With Demandbase, VSP has been able to:

  • Boost advertising results with highly targeted campaigns

    One of the first advertising campaigns VSP ran with Demandbase delivered impressive results and saw them spending less than they had on similar strategies in the past.

    Lynne credits those results and the saved budget to the ability to be very specific with who they wanted to target based on their filters. She also credits the success of that campaign with having the right message targeted to the right people.

    They ran the campaign across different business units for almost three months. The results? They reached 93% of the accounts they targeted with a Demandbase ad. Additionally, 63% of the accounts visited their site, 56% clicked on the ad, and 34% interacted on their site.

    Lynne shares that the campaign’s success convinced the team that their larger ABM program would work!

  • Make smarter data-driven decisions

    Lynne pulls data from other sources into Demandbase and uses the platform as her single source of truth. Having data in one place where she can easily filter and create different views allows her to make smarter marketing decisions.

    As Lynne puts it, “Demandbase gives us visibility into our data that we wouldn’t otherwise have.” This visibility helps them make important decisions, like which web pages to factor into their engagement minutes, based on where they see interest.

  • Track competitive keywords
    One of Lynne’s marketing colleagues, who focuses on customer retention, is starting to use Demandbase to track competitive keywords to understand when an account might be in danger of not renewing. The goal is to get that information to sales, allowing them to act on it and avoid potential churn.

Without Demandbase?

When asked to envision a world without Demandbase, Lynne mentions that because they’re such a fast-moving business, they would need multiple resources to help them achieve what Demandbase can. She acknowledges that she would still be able to set up some campaigns, but not at the same capacity, because they would lose the ability to automate campaigns across different channels.

About VSP

VSP Vision Care was founded in 1955 and today is the largest vision insurance company with over 85 million members across the U.S. As a not-for-profit company, they’re all about helping people see well and be well throughout their lives. This keeps them laser-focused on providing their members and underserved communities with access to personalized, affordable eye care and eyewear through a network of more than 41,000 doctors. VSP Vision Care is part of the VSP Vision family. Learn more about how they’re reinvesting in greater vision, health, and opportunities for all at

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