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Case Study

Syneos Health Breathes New Life Into Sales With Demandbase

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Company Size
10,001+ employees

Morrisville, North Carolina

Demandbase Data & Sales Intelligence

Top 3 Results

Highlighted revenue growth opportunities by instantly alerting sales reps when contacts moved to new companies

Improved the adoption and effectiveness of CRM by providing an accurate, reliable source of truth that became the standard for the entire sales team

Gives sales more relevant and more timely reasons to engage with contacts, based on better and more accurate sales data

The Head Scratcher

As Syneos Health rolled out their CRM solution across the company, they saw reliable, accurate data as the key to success, and they chose Demandbase to make it a reality. Because Syneos Health serves an industry where contacts frequently move between companies, their sales teams were always in a bind. Company and contact information was constantly changing, which made it difficult to maintain relationships as contacts moved around. Keeping data current wouldn’t only save sales the wasted time of researching leads, it could actually generate signals for new leads and new business.

"Demandbase is the source of information we use to make our CRM solution, and our sales teams, better. Even after a few years with Demandbase, when we looked again at every other option in the market, we came to the same conclusion: Demandbase was the best solution with the best data accuracy."
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Jacob Feenstra Director of Business Insights

What’d They Do?

Demandbase’s Flexibility Means Syneos Health Never Has to Worry About Data

Syneos Health’s sales operations team standardized on Salesforce CRM, and integrated Demandbase to serve as the company’s official source of truth when it came to sales data. Automated updates made sure Demandbase was always cleaning and refreshing accounts and contacts. As they expanded their CRM rollout to include more teams, they re-evaluated the available data solutions and doubled-down on Demandbase as their source of truth. In the process, they discovered new uses for Demandbase’s APIs and built tools to help sales not only validate data inconsistencies across key leads, they engineered unique rules to ensure the right information is always up-to-date.

Using Demandbase APIs, Syneos Health built email alerts to notify the right sales reps when key contacts switched roles or companies. It highlighted new opportunities for the reps, easily empowering them to keep relationships warm and opportunities in mind as contacts moved around.

How’d They Do?

Working with Demandbase gave sales the shot in the arm they needed to stay on top of every opportunity.

  • Enhancing sales’ ability to track, connect with, and engage valuable contacts as they moved to new roles and new companies.
  • Building customized, data- and API-driven features that kept accounts automatically up-to-date, yet provided additional control for sales reps to validate refreshed information.
  • Deploying a successful CRM system that was built on a foundation of accurate, reliable account and contact information.

About Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a global, top-tier, clinical and commercial professional services company that brings together the best strategic brains in the biopharmaceutical industry with the latest technologies. Their team of 24,000 healthcare professionals across 110 countries works to eliminate the roadblocks, territories, fences, hand-offs and gaps that can hinder the efficiency and speed at which healthcare products get into the hands of those who need them most.

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