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SilkRoad Technology Leverages Account-Level Insights with Demandbase

The Head Scratcher

SilkRoad is the world’s leader in strategic onboarding to activate and engage talent. They deliver personalized journeys — from the candidate stage through the engaged employee stage — to drive better business outcomes.

SilkRoad’s revenue model was built on a traditional lead gen model, where quantity was the focus. They generated over 64,000 leads and contacts annually through a mix of PPC, events, sponsored webinars, trade shows and other paid and non-paid channels, capturing anyone and everyone who was searching for a talent management or talent activation solution. This drove over 30,000 accounts that were at various levels of engagement.

However, the revenue team was unhappy — they had both an inbound and an outbound problem. The quality of their inbound was extremely sporadic, and they had no way of knowing which leads were the right ones to target. They had too many leads with no way to prioritize them, which meant they were spending time and energy working on volumes of leads with no time left to go outbound on their high-value accounts.

Before reaching out to a prospect, the sales reps would look at a contact record to search for meaningful activity. While they used Salesforce, they tracked engagement from the lead or contact record.

Additionally, they had no way to track objects across all of their systems. They were exporting reports out of Salesforce, running pivot tables in Excel and spending hours in these spreadsheets every week. This system relied heavily on people, and was extremely time consuming and prone to human error.

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Software & Technology

Company Size
201-500 employees

Chicago, IL

Demandbase One

"We know our ideal customers, so why wait for them to come to us? Why not focus our efforts on engaging them rather than the unwashed masses?"
Ann Leach Director of Customer Marketing

What’d They Do?

John Westby, VP of Marketing, realized the importance of taking an account-based approach to marketing and selling. He knew ABM could transform their go-to-market process. Now with Demandbase, the reps can look at all sales and marketing activity for an entire account, including online and offline activities. Now they have context and insight to help them understand what the account cares about.

Having relevant information in one view within Salesforce has been a game-changer for the ABM team. Every day, reps review engagement and activity on opportunities, which gives them a more effective and efficient way to prioritize their time.

The SilkRoad customer success team also uses Demandbase to track all customer engagement and support both online and offline — all in one place. When they understand what’s happening with their customers, they find new opportunities to offer other products and find additional ways to help them succeed. In addition, they can get in front of low-engagement customers and ensure that they are getting the attention they should to avoid future churn.

How’d They Do?

With Demandbase, SilkRoad was able to plan and execute a comprehensive account-based strategy. They now have a comprehensive view of the entire account journey that gives them insight into the important issues of key stakeholders. They can confidently prioritize their efforts, saving them hours each day.

In addition, activity and engagement from their top accounts went from an unpredictable 20%–30% to consistently 80%+ in 6 months after implementing Demandbase.

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