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Demandbase One: ABX Cloud with Orchestration & Advertising Cloud

In Kristin’s words…

Customer Success: Matillion
An inside look at Matillion’s journey

Top 3 Results

Significant increases in demo set-ups, discovery calls, and conversion rates

87% adoption rate across marketing and sales

Massive time savings by eliminating manual data gathering and analysis

The Head Scratcher

Matillion, the leading enterprise data integration company, was looking to scale their go-to-market efforts to hit their growth goals. They knew the answer was not to simply drive more lead volume into the top of the funnel. The answer was to be found in focusing on the right kind of accounts and going deeper with them. In other words, they needed to implement an account-based approach and they hired Kristin Kolb to head their account-based marketing effort.

From the start, Kristin knew one key to success lay in bringing the sales team into the fold. She understood that account-based go-to-market should be one fluid motion from the top of the funnel to the bottom. As she put it, “We can’t operate independently…we’ll find the greatest efficiencies when we work together.”

The problem was sales and marketing used different systems with different data sets that didn’t talk to each other. So Kristin started manually merging the data and analyzing it to find insights she could share with sales about which accounts to prioritize and how and when to engage with them. She pushed reports to sales by email two to three times a week. It was time consuming for her, slow and cumbersome for sales. Though the insights were great, Kristin acknowledged, “we needed to find a way to automate the process and deliver real-time insights directly into the tools sales uses everyday.”

"I'm not sure that my team or even the whole demand gen team or sales could be as effective as they are without Demandbase."
Kristin Kolb, Mitillion Director of Account-Based Marketing
Kristin Kolb Director of Account-Based Marketing

What’d They Do?

The marketing team at Matillion began looking for a solution that would, “not only bring value to marketing, but to sales as well — a full suite that would grow with them.” They didn’t want to have to “rip and replace” at a later date. They chose Demandbase.

“Now we’re able to slice and dice our account data any way we want, which is so incredibly powerful,” beamed Kristin. Matillion is using the firmographic, technographic, and intent data to identify and prioritize the accounts they should be targeting, and tapping into the contact data to find and engage all decision-makers on the buying committees. With many of their targets being in the global 8,000, it’s all about multithreaded go-to-market motions within those accounts.

At the start, Kristin turned on a couple of programmatic campaigns and has grown the number over time. The campaigns push accounts through the funnel by personalizing the approach and messaging based on where they are in the buyer journey. “If they are qualified or aware, they got a certain set of messaging, if they were engaged, they got another subset, if they’re an opportunity or a customer, they got bottom-of-funnel messaging tailored to accelerate close rates and drive expansion,” explained Kristin.

Perhaps best of all, Kristin is thrilled to be able to, “give tangible, actionable insights to our sales team wherever they like to work, whether it’s in the Demandbase platform, CRM, or email.”

Why Demandbase?

Matillion chose Demandbase primarily for three reasons:

  • Flexibility. As Kristin put it, “We have a pretty specific business and we know what it takes to qualify at each stage of the buyer journey. We rely heavily on the algorithms and machine learning Demandbase provides, but we also appreciate the flexibility to go in the back-end and customize how we define each journey stage. Other providers didn’t offer that.”
  • Overall support. Kristin described the support as exceptional, both during and after the sale. She’s like a poster child for account-based go-to-market, continually growing and evolving by constantly learning and applying best practices, and she relies on her Demandbase team for ideas.
  • Add on packages. Matillion quickly adopted the orchestration module to push audiences into different channels when they hit certain triggers and stages. And they like knowing they have the option to add on website personalization and other packages in the future.

How’d They Do?

  • Saw big spike in performance followed by steady improvement
    After first turning on Demandbase, Matillion saw a dramatic improvement in the number of demos and discovery calls set up, as well as conversion rates. Since then, those numbers have continued to climb as they, “rely on Demandbase to efficiently focus on engaging the right accounts at the right time, and the right people within those accounts.”
  • Pushing opps through the funnel faster with customization by journey stage
    Matillion uses Demandbase’s technographic data and journey stages to orchestrate customized experiences for highly segmented audiences. In one example, the target group received LinkedIn ads, email that drove them to customized content, and then were invited to a couple of events — a virtual experience and a hands-on lab where they were offered a free trial. It was hugely successful.
  • Sales is focused and efficient — no longer wasting time on large lists
    With marketing providing, “a ton of demand gen tactics, nurturing, and air cover until target accounts are ready for sales, the sales teams are no longer having to prospect into large account lists.” They’re going solely after accounts that have been warmed up by marketing. They’re more efficient, more personalized in their outbounding, and using insights such as intent signals and how long an account has been in a journey stage. When they see movement, they jump on it as fast as it happens. “We kind of hit a home run with sales when we got this tool,” gleamed Kristin.
  • ABM team now spends time on new programs and strategies
    Now that Kristin and her team are freed from having to manually generate sales insights reports, they’re spending their time executing additional programs and coming up with new playbooks for different types of strategies.

About Matillion

Matillion makes the world’s data useful with an easy-to-use cloud-native data integration and transformation platform. Optimized for modern enterprise data teams, only Matillion is built on native integrations to cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure Synapse to enable new levels of efficiency and productivity across any organization. Learn how Matillion delivers rapid returns on cloud investments for global enterprise customers at

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