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How Lacework Built Their Account-Based Strategy and Doubled Their Pipeline with Demandbase

The Head Scratcher

Lacework provides cloud security and compliance across multicloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes enabling companies to innovate with speed and safety. As more and more companies adopt public cloud and grow their cloud footprint, they require services like Lacework. However, this creates a ton of noise in inbound marketing and makes account prioritization incredibly difficult.

When Ryan McCurdy joined Lacework as VP of Demand Generation, he quickly realized that the Sales and Marketing teams needed a way to prioritize their leads. By looking at the shared traits of Lacework’s best customers, he put together an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and declared that the company would only go after leads and accounts that matched the profile.

But how would they know if an account that matched their ICP list was interested in Lacework? And how would they know which accounts were most likely to buy, and, therefore, worthy of more attention and resources?

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Software & Technology

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100-200 employees

Santa Clara, CA

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"If Demandbase was taken away from me, I wouldn’t know where to focus. I’d be lost in a sea of inbound and wouldn’t know who to talk to."
Ryan McCurdy VP of Demand Generation

What’d They Do?

That’s when Ryan decided to buy Demandbase. Demandbase helps businesses filter out the noise, so they can focus on accounts that match the ICP. Through the Bombora integration, Sales and Marketing are alerted if any of their important accounts are showing third-party intent, and they can also track direct engagement with Lacework content or events through the Engagement Minutes feature.

Ryan and his team also use the Journeys feature of Demandbase to easily track how accounts are moving through the buying process. By pairing this information with the engagement insights, it’s easy to see which accounts they need to focus on at any given time.

How’d They Do?

Lacework is now able to easily prioritize the accounts that are most likely to buy from them. The Sales and Marketing teams meet weekly to discuss which accounts are engaging the most and to set up an integrated strategy for each one. Marketing budgets are also assigned based on the importance of each account, so that they can maximize their return on investment.

Their commitment to prioritizing accounts has paid off. Since using Demandbase, they’ve seen a 2x increase in both sourced pipeline and sourced bookings. This emphasis on prioritization has naturally grown into a robust account-based strategy, setting them up for success both now and in the future.

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