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How SmartRecruiters Established Themselves as a Leader with ABM


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201-500 employees

San Francisco, CA

Demandbase ABM Platformy

The Head Scratcher

SmartRecruiters is an enterprise applicant tracking platform whose mission is to connect people to jobs at scale, and they market and sell primarily to enterprises above 10,000 employees. As they were quickly moving upmarket and selling larger deals, they needed a way to understand all the activity happening at the entire account for their enterprise prospects. They needed to answer questions like: How are prospects engaging with us? Who? When?

The marketing leadership at SmartRecruiters tasked the marketing team to get into the conversation with prospects earlier in their journey. They decided their best chance of accomplishing that was to implement an ABM strategy. By focusing on the right set of accounts, reps will be able to better prioritize their time and proactively engage customers and enter the conversation sooner.

“This is the difference between winning or not winning deals. In the enterprise space, as a newer entrant, we couldn’t just be a last minute, newer company trying to get in the deal. We need to establish ourselves as a leader from the beginning.”
– Evan Fehler, Director of Digital Marketing

"If you have a complex deal and you want full visibility into everything happening at your key accounts, Demandbase is the platform for you. No rep should be managing a deal without it."
Prachi Gore
Prachi Gore VP of Marketing

What’d They Do?

When they were evaluating solutions, they recognized that Demandbase was best-of-breed when it came to analytics and insights into how accounts were engaging with them. The UI was intuitive and easy to use, which made adoption by the SmartRecruiters reps natural.

The biggest reason SmartRecruiters chose Demandbase can be boiled down to one word: visibility. Now, their Account Executives and Sales Development Reps can see what their accounts are doing, then act with intelligence to close deals faster. Their leadership team can also see how those accounts are moving through the funnel and forecast more accurately.

How’d They Do?

70% of the people on the revenue team are using Demandbase. Reps are constantly uncovering insights that help them get in front of prospects faster and close more deals. The increase in visibility Demandbase allows makes large enterprise deals significantly easier to manage, because when you have multiple stakeholders involved, you need to keep track of who is taking what action and when.

The first big “ah-ha” moment came when the marketing team was looking at their big accounts and saw how many people were engaged with their blog. Knowing what prospects were interested in made a big difference, and they passed the information along to Sales. AEs and SDRs then had better insights into how to outreach to increase the likelihood of a response.

The second big “ah-ha” moment came when they realized they could pull much more strategic lists, like “Visitors to a registration page who didn’t register” and start reaching out to them. This action became extremely impactful, and it was previously impossible.

Additionally, the SmartRecruiters RevOps team is so confident in Demandbase reporting that 100% of their ABM reporting for executive and board reports are done with the Demandbase platform.

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