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How OneLogin Delivers Global Enterprise Growth

The Head Scratcher

OneLogin is the leader in Unified Access Management, enabling organizations to Access the World™.
Businesses of all sizes use OneLogin to secure company data while increasing IT administrator and end user efficiencies. With OneLogin, end-users access both SaaS and on-premises applications with a single secure password and additional authentication factors when appropriate.

OneLogin sells to businesses of all sizes and currently has over 2000 customers. The go-to-market team is charged with driving aggressive growth and selling to target accounts. OneLogin pursues ABM to both measure and drive global pipeline growth across the business overall as well as within each sales rep’s territories.

For ABM initiatives, tracking engagement at an account level and sharing this data across the organization was challenging. They needed a way to consolidate account engagement insights and measure trends within each target account in order to optimize ABM strategies and tactics as quickly as possible. It was also important to be able to support a global ABM program, with the core marketing team based in San Francisco. A final requirement was that any additional technology be easy to use and integrate with all other existing tech.

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Software & Technology

Company Size
201-500 employees

San Francisco, CA

Demandbase One

"Given the competitive intensity in today’s market, Demandbase helped give us an edge by easily allowing our sales reps to see all engagement touchpoints."
David Tam Senior Director of Marketing

What’d They Do?

After initial due diligence of various solutions, the team quickly settled on Demandbase as the only platform to offer deep analytics coupled with tools to manage ABM tactics.

Quickly demonstrating value and making it easy to use was an important strategy to drive adoption. Demandbase made it easy by automatically surfacing all the contacts (including new leadership and partners) at key target accounts. Additionally, they built reports in Salesforce to highlight the most engaged accounts, so reps could immediately see critical information — directly where they were used to working.

Integrating Demandbase into the tech stack helped with sales planning, prepping for calls and informing how to segment the marketing database for nurtures and advertising. They paired engagement insights with 3rd party data to show account intelligence from both an internal and external perspective.

How’d They Do?

The entire global revenue team is using Demandbase to prioritize marketing and sales activities every week. Demandbase informs all programs, and critical ABM insights are shared with the CRO and CMO on a weekly basis.

By delivering insights intelligently to a global sales team, OneLogin was able to drive greater efficiency across the entire revenue team. Reps are empowered and can act proactively on account insights to create and accelerate opportunities.

These insights and efficiency gains have resulted in 30% growth in pipeline over the prior year. OneLogin has also realized a 20% increase in average deal size.

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