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Cox Automotive Inside Sales Rep Uses Demandbase to Enhance Prospecting Goals

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"Demandbase helps me find the right people at an account and have accurate contact information to better prospect as a salesperson."
Annie Phengsy
Annie Phengsy Inside Sales Consultant

The Head Scratcher

As a mobility inside sales consultant, Annie Phengsy partners with fleet customers to understand their business and the challenges they face when maintaining their fleets. She’s passionate about working with Cox Automotive clients to solve their service challenges and maximize uptime through Fleet Service offerings.

As a salesperson, Annie’s willingness to adopt a new sales tool depended on its ability to help her find the right contacts and get accurate contact information to enhance her outreach efforts.

Why Demandbase?

Demandbase has helped Annie prospect for potential customers and nurture current accounts. She uses it to find additional information about a company or contact, such as employees, titles, contact details, and more. She finds it especially helpful when there’s a changeover of leadership and roles within an organization. With Demandbase’s help, she can update her outreach efforts to incorporate those changes.

How’d They Do?

Using Demandbase in her day-to-day prospecting efforts has helped Annie to:

  • Meet her KPI goal
    As an inside sales consultant, Annie has to convert at least ten leads into opportunities weekly and she credits Demandbase with helping her achieve that goal. She says, “It makes my job easier, because I can easily find the information I need on individual accounts and contacts.” With Demandbase, Annie has moved quicker to achieve 100% of her weekly KPI goal regularly.
  • Easily find contact details for potential clients
    Annie recalls reaching out to a client where she had learned little to no information about the primary contact from the “gatekeeper” at the account. Starting with only the contact’s first name and access to Demandbase, Annie filled in all the necessary information gaps. Once she had the correct details, she reached out to the right person at the account. Her outreach efforts, aided by Demandbase, eventually led to her booking a meeting with the account’s decision-maker.

Without Demandbase

Annie acknowledges that she relies heavily on Demandbase, and losing access would make her job unnecessarily difficult. “If we didn’t have Demandbase, we’d have a longer sales process, and we’d close fewer deals without the easy access to the information we need to nurture and close pipeline.”

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