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Offer valid through July 31, 2020. ABM Foundations is not a prerequisite of ABM Advanced. You may choose to sign up for one or both courses. We provide codes for both options.

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For every person that gets certified now through July 20, Demandbase will donate $1 to United Way, a non-profit organization that is supporting communities across the world struggling to cope with COVID-19.

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Foundations Icon

New to ABM? This tactical course will walk through the core components of an ABM strategy and set you up with everything you need to:

Understand the key considerations for ABM
Make ABM-focused decisions 
about your marketing mix
Lay the groundwork for a successful ABM strategy


Advanced Icon

If you’ve begun executing an ABM strategy, and are looking to expand and optimize it, this course will give you the expertise to:

Align everyone in your organization behind ABM
Dive deep into the reporting and metrics to track your success
Successfully build and segment a Target Account List

Course Outlines


Available: online
Duration: 5.5 hours
Certification requirement: 30-min exam

Setting up an ABM strategy
Aligning sales & marketing
Building your target account list
Seeing the funnel through
 an ABM lens
Measuring in an ABM world
Technology for your ABM strategy
Case study: Bringing ABM to life


Available: online or in-person
Duration: 6 hours (online) or 8 hours (in-person)
Certification requirement: 30-min exam

The state of ABM
Selling the value of ABM within your organization
Aligning your marketing team around ABM
Defining, maintaining, and optimizing your target account list
Metrics and KPIs for tracking your ABM progress and success
Budget considerations and the new marketing mix
Scaling your ABM strategy
Leveraging technology for scale and efficiency

"ABM is not only in high demand from a skills perspective, but it’s relevant in an age where marketing changes at an unprecedented rate."

Jared, Content Marketing Manager

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Save over $675 on both ABM Certification courses through July 20, 2020.