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Arm sales reps with the insights needed to take action right away

B2B buying has changed. Now more than ever, sales teams need visibility into their target account’s behaviors long before a lead ever raises their hand. Unlocking these hidden signals has become paramount to modern pipeline building and revenue generation. If revenue teams are blind to who’s researching their products and competitors, to which accounts are visiting the website, or which buyers are responding to marketing campaigns, then they risk losing opportunities to competitors.

Scout for Sales aggregates all available information into a single view and visualizes engagement across channels. This includes known historical activities within email, CRM, and Marketing Automation, and from unknown activities such as intent behaviors and on-site activity. These accounts and people-based insights are presented to sales reps in the tools they already use (CRM, email, etc.) for quick insights and action. Now, the entire revenue team knows when to act and how to generate pipeline faster!

Insights within Salesforce

See everything you need to know about accounts in a single view.

  • View historical timelines of all activities, product and competitor intent, persona-based engagement heatmaps, and more.
  • Uncover everything that marketing is doing with your key buyers enabling you to proactively respond to how they react.
  • Rank accounts and people for immediate outreach using Demandbase’s predictive scoring and engagement minutes.

Insights within Salesforce

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Sales Insights Dashboard

Dashboard and reports in SFDC come out of the box.

  • Quick access to relevant and actionable information.
  • Customize the information by showing accounts by owner, or by territory.
  • Review information with your manager to determine the health of current and future pipeline.

Sales Insights Dashboard

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Unified Account Inbox

Get full visibility into the conversation your revenue team is having with each member of the buying team.

  • See all emails and meetings between your company and your target account.
  • Save valuable time by automatically logging outbound emails, inbound emails, and meetings as tasks to CRM.
  • Configure security settings to meet your team’s needs.

Unified Account Inbox

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Custom Alerts and Territory Digests

Be alerted to new engagement or key activities from marketing.

  • Know where to focus your attention with engagement highlights, Pipeline Predict, top intent behaviors, and more.
  • Utilize automated email insights to make better decisions and close deals faster.
  • See real-time behaviors from target accounts and key personas within Slack.

Custom Alerts and Territory Digests

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Chrome Extension

See actionable account insights on any web page you visit.

  • Get instant access to predictive scores, account dashboards, recent emails, most engaged people, and more.
  • Use it in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail to immediately see account insights, or anytime you’re browsing the internet.
  • Take immediate action across partners such as Salesloft, Outreach, Salesforce or actions within Demandbase.

Chrome Extension

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