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Measure engagement and performance of target accounts across systems

Account-based experience focuses on quality, not quantity. This requires different analytics than traditional lead-centric demand generation. Many companies tell us they struggle to put the right metrics in place, so Demandbase makes it easy for you.

Demandbase helps you deliver clear and credible measurement that reflects the reality of an account-based world. Analyze account engagement, define your unique account journey, and track progress in target accounts. We give you a complete view of accounts and people and let you track leading indicators such as intent, account and person-level engagement, so you can predict pipeline and measure effectiveness of ABX initiatives overall.

Get a complete picture of your overall marketing performance for each audience across every stage of the funnel. Diagnose the health of any audience by comparing it to another. Generate a lookalike audience or build a control group of your own to compare audiences in different verticals or regions, or audiences that have been exposed to particular program types.

Account-Based Measurement Made Simple

Visualize account engagement and report on the metrics that matter in ABX.

  • With Role-based dashboards, Marketing and Sales can see the metrics most important to them.
  • Get a visualization of which key roles are most engaged with our Heatmaps.
  • Optimize your content with a quick view of the top emails and web pages.

Account-Based Measurement Made Simple

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Journey Analytics

Understand account progression through your unique journey.

  • Track core journey metrics — movement, conversion rate, and velocity — by stage and by account list.
  • Use our out-of-the-box journey stages, or define your own custom account journey, and criteria for how accounts qualify for each stage.
  • Drill into each metric by segment, industry, territory, and more.

Journey Analytics

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Territory Analysis

Analyze engagement by territory to find gaps and opportunities.

  • Identify which territories have lower engagement and may need additional Marketing support.
  • Prioritize Marketing efforts where they are needed the most.
  • Get the information you need to prepare faster for territory reviews and QBRs.

Territory Analysis

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Site Analytics

Measure website performance with an account-based lens.

  • See what pages companies are visiting on your site and how they’re engaging over time.
  • Create new audience segments based on pages visited and add them to sales and marketing campaigns in a few clicks.
  • Track campaign and channel performance with UTM parameters.

Site Analytics

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