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Demandbase for Marketing

Demandbase ONE is a comprehensive, end-to-end suite of solutions anchored by a robust ABM Platform and additional products that help B2B marketers find accounts in-market, engage those accounts and convert them into customers. Demandbase ONE is the one platform B2B marketers can rely on to connect all of their data in one place, for a unified approach to sales and marketing, across multiple channels.

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Build an account-based foundation and measure performance with the right metrics.
Connect all of your customer data in one place for a comprehensive view of an account. Measure engagement and performance using account-based metrics.

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Find accounts that are in-market.
Using a combination of AI and machine learning, 1st, 3rd and proprietary data, Demandbase helps marketers identify the accounts that matter most.

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Engage with your accounts.
Know where they are in their buyer journey so you can easily create targeted and personalized marketing messages and campaigns based on where they are in the funnel.

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Close more opportunities.
See all of the marketing and sales activity tied to your accounts in one place so you can easily prioritize next steps.


Get the most out of your ABM

Demandbase One

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Demandbase One

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