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Marketing-Performance-AssessmentMany B2B marketers struggle to measure their marketing performance. They’re missing the mark by tracking individuals instead of the companies their sales teams focus on. The Demandbase Marketing Performance Assessment gives you a unique, unified view across your programs and throughout the funnel. You get a month to use our powerful Performance Manager application, which combines advertising, website and CRM data and filters everything through an account-based lens to clearly connect marketing to revenue.

You’ll get answers to some important questions:

  • How are our target companies progressing through the funnel?
  • Are the groups of companies that we care about coming to the website?
  • How are audiences engaging on the website?
  • Are audiences converting the way we expect them to?
  • How does our marketing performance stack up against other B2B companies?
  • Our consultants will guide you through an introduction, implementation, analysis, then deliver a final assessment with scores and recommendations for improving performance.


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