Five key tips and tricks to get you started with Performance Manager

resizedimage230201-Marketing-Performance-AssessmentSee how all Demandbase marketing programs are working across the funnel in one unified view with Performance Manager – Here are five key tips and tricks to get you started. Contact us today for more information.

1. Build an audience

With Performance Manger you can quickly define a set of target companies to focus on for tracking and marketing initiatives.

2. Create a conversion group

This is a crucial part of building your audience that allows you to see when your target accounts are interested and showing buying signals.

3. Track your audience

After some time, you’ll be able to see how you’re attracting, engaging and converting each of your audiences. Based on these results, you can put more energy into promising accounts and adjust your strategy for those that are lagging.

4. Dig into performance insights

The performance page has detailed data on advertising, website activity and CRM opportunities that you can analyze by audience, campaign or even individual companies.

5. Take action with reporting

The performance page also offers insight into which accounts are most likely to close and which need to get over the hump. You can download and share these helpful reports with other stakeholders in your company.

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