What's Working in B2B Advertising

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Insights into the modernization of digital advertising strategies

Although Gartner research found that marketers’ digital ad spend increased by 72% in 2021, marketing budgets and buyer engagement decreased by 6%. When coupled with 2020’s 11% decrease, it’s clear that B2B marketers have a lot more targeting and customization to do and a lot less funding to do it.

Never one to back down from a challenge, B2B marketers turned to account-based advertising strategies on a budget to create personalized ads that align with target account lists (TAL) and ideal customer profiles (ICP) to refine their targeting capabilities.

This report explores B2B’s shift to account-based advertising and the modernization of advertising strategies through highly targeted engagement programs in digital and social channels, including:

  • How marketers are analyzing account data to target buyers with personalized ads and content
  • The impact of data and ABM plays on account identification and targeting
  • New KPIs marketers are measuring to improve ad performance and build more personalized experiences
  • The rise of syndication and paid social
  • Examples of and best practices for successful B2B advertising