Sales and Marketing Unification

Download one. Download all. Get unified.

The future of B2B is one in which there are no walls between Sales and Marketing.

When you break down the walls, Sales and Marketing teams will move as one – seamlessly sharing data and insights, coordinating every activity, and measuring everything that matters.

Yet many teams are still operating in silos. That’s why we put together the Sales and Marketing Unification toolkit with some of the top research and reports – to help you unify your teams and drive business outcomes.

This toolkit includes:

  • The 2020 ABM Market Research Study: What separates the Best from the Rest?
  • ABM for Sales Playbook: Actionable ideas for cracking your top accounts
  • Intent is the New Lead: Why wait for the form fill when your buyer is actively researching?
  • TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report: Strategies and tactics of successful organizations

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