The Ultimate Guide To Using Demandbase Predictive Models

Demandbase Predictive Models enable B2B teams to spot new accounts and hot opportunities. This playbook will help you master them! Learn how to:

  • Determine your total addressable market with accurate ranking based on account fit and the likelihood to become pipeline
  • Answer questions like “which accounts are a good fit for this product?” or “which accounts are in-market right now?”
  • Quickly identify prospects who are researching and searching for your offering, giving you a strategic advantage over your competitors

Start spotting additional opportunities

Our own sales team calls Pipeline Predict and Qualification Score their “golden compass”

The Ultimate Guide To Using Demandbase Predictive Models playbook provides step-by-step and easy to follow instructions to learn how to properly set up Pipeline Predict and Qualification Score to achieve the best results. You will also find:

  • Testimonials from the sales team at Demandbase, sharing their own personal stories on working with our predictive models (and how one SDR leveraged Pipeline Predict to hit quota in just two days) 
  • Integration considerations for Demandbase predictive models with your data 
  • Use cases from marketing, sales, and customer operations to show you how your entire organization can benefit from leveraging predictive models 
  • Information on how to optimize the models as they scale with time (or even how to create them yourself)

Predictive models are a surefire way to de-fragment your go-to-market strategy and empower orchestrated efforts within your organization. This is the new Smarter GTMTM.