Selling the Value of ABM in Your Organization

Your organization is not sold on the value of Account-Based Marketing? Get the rest of your organization onboard with this success kit. Read more


Selling the Value of ABM in Your Organization

Are you convinced that your organization needs to practice Account-Based Marketing (ABM), but you need a little help convincing your sales team? your marketing leadership? your c-suite? Well you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with Heinz Marketing to build a set of tools, templates, and other assets to help you sell the value of ABM to all levels within your organization:

  • Reference Guide: Understand what’s important to each of the different teams, stakeholders, and decision makers within your organization, and arm yourself with answers to the most common questions you’ll encounter when socializing ABM internally.
  • ROI Calculator: Estimate and communicate the net new sales and revenue potential associated with an ABM strategy to get your organization and your executive team excited and committed!
  • Powerpoint Deck: We’ve created a short deck that you can use in presenting the value to the teams inside your organization.

Download these assets now to get your team committed to Account-Based Marketing, and start seeing the value and impact it will create for your company!

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