The ABX for Sales Playbook

Actionable ideas for cracking your top accounts.
In this playbook, you'll learn about:
      • The state of ABX for Sales
      • The anatomy of a target account
      • Target account research & outbound best practices
      • How to leverage marketing insights and intent data
      • What it takes to manage and cultivate a winning Sales culture

Despite its name, Account-Based Marketing is not only for marketing teams. Since the Sales team is an integral part of ABM success, we’re giving it a new name: Account-Based Experience (ABX). We’ve put together all the best practices and how-to’s on what it takes to be a world-class Sales organization.

Learn how to go from a reactive, lead-based model into a proactive, engagement savvy, account-based model.

Discover how to leverage technology and data insights to prioritize and personalize your outreach to your target accounts.

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