2019 ABM Benchmark Study

Moving to ABM Maturity.

Download the Benchmark Study

Welcome to the 3rd Annual ABM Benchmark Study, conducted by the ABM Leadership Alliance and the ITSMA.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) continues to dominate the B2B marketing discussion, with new programs launching on a seemingly daily basis. Our latest report, Moving to ABM Maturity, demonstrates clearly that the primacy of ABM is for good reason:

It works!

Companies continue to achieve great results in driving business success with ABM. And amid its rapid growth, ABM has matured substantially in recent years with the most experienced programs achieving even more substantial results as they continue to learn.

This report, based on both survey data and qualitative interviews with ABM leaders, describes the current state of ABM as well as insight and lessons learned from the most effective and the most experienced ABM programs.

Looking toward 2020, the report identifies five strategic guidelines for ABM practitioners to accelerate success next year and beyond:

  • Practice patience
  • Strengthen sales alignment
  • Invest in insight
  • Master multichannel
  • Build a blended strategy