Leverage Conversion Solution insights to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness

The Demandbase Conversion Solution leverages AI to surface the insights you need to better understand and target the right individuals, with personalized messages, within your target accounts. The insights are delivered right where you want them —in email, Slack, and Salesforce. We built this page to help you “go deep” and become an expert at using the Conversion Solution to be better at your job. Read on for a quick reference guide to the types of insights the solution delivers, a training video delivered by a Demandbase expert, and a series of inspirational videos featuring Demandbase Sales people telling you how they use the Conversion Solution in their day-to-day.


Category Insight Name Description Email
(Weekly Digest)
(On Demand)
Website Engagement Recent Activity An account visited your web site within the last seven days.

Website Engagement Re-engaged Activity An account visited your web site within the last seven days after not visiting for more than 30 days.
Website Engagement Increased Activity An account demonstrated increased engagement on your website.
Intent Intent Insight An account demonstrated increased interest in relevant/topical terms.

News Account News An account was mentioned in a relevant/topical news article.

Conversion solution training

Watch an in-depth Conversion Solution training from a Demandbase expert on how to leverage insights for outreach to prospects.


Intent insights help me prioritize my accounts, discover new contacts, and craft personalized outreach.

In addition, notification preferences allow each user to customize the insights that they receive at the account-level to control the relevancy and ensure these accounts are top-of-mind.


Slack alerts allow me to be more consultative in my approach, and talk more about what my customers really care about, instead of guessing.

The real-time nature allows users to decision quickly, giving them valuable insight on what accounts to reach out to when.


I use re-engaged activity insights to tell me when to reach out to a target account, and they help me find the right contact.

The integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator also surfaces recommended contacts, which allows users to reach out directly in a tool that they already use regularly.

Account Selection Customer Quote Pat Oldenberg

“The Demandbase Conversion Solution has been a big win for our inside sales organization. They’re able to prioritize their daily routine based on which accounts we’ve seen onsite, and they’re able to tailor their follow-up based on the insights.”

Pat Oldenburg
Sr. Director of Digital Marketing and Marketing Operations, ServiceMax from GE
Account Selection Customer Quote Pat Oldenberg
Conversion For Sales Quote Sean Ferri

“Within the first day I of using the Demandbase Conversion Solution, a website engagement alert helped me book a meeting with the VP of Operations at a strategic account.”

Sean Ferri
Digital Transformation Team, ServiceMax from GE
Conversion For Sales Quote Sean Ferri

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