Demandbase customer, Jimmy Montchal, VP of Demand Generation, Coursedog, shares how implementing an ABM strategy has helped his company knock down silos, improve customer engagement and drive growth for his company.
2020 has turned everything upside down, including B2B marketing. Demandbase customer, Lily Bond Senior Director of Marketing, 3Play Media, shares advice and tips to help fellow B2B marketers continue to navigate these uncertain times.
Demandbase unveils Demandbase One, which brings the best of Engagio and Demandbase together into a single platform. Customers, like Coursedog, are seeing early positive results from using the new offering.
Less than six months following the acquisition of Engagio, Demandbase launches Demandbase One, which includes a unified ABM platform. The Demandbase ABM platform brings the best of both Demandbase and Engagio together enabling B2B marketing and sales teams to align, orchestrate ABM strategies to drive growth.
Demandbase's Chief Product Officer, Jon Miller, shares what types of companies should be doing ABM, how to get started, and how to run and measure a successful ABM strategy. It's all-you-need-to-know about how to make ABM work for your business.
B2B marketing is changing rapidly, and before you get behind, Jon Miller, Demandbase's Chief Product Officer, shares four predictions to help marketers adapt and grow.
Demandbase's Chief Product Officer, Jon Miller, shares his perspective on how marketing automation has been shifting during the pandemic and what lies ahead. Hint, marketing automation, and adtech need to connect with each other.
Demandbase's CRO, Allison Metcalfe, shares how Demandbase has been evolving recently, including the Engagio acquisition, the launch of the Demandbase One platform. Furthermore, Metcalfe shares insights into how the role of the CRO is a critical player in creating a customer-centric approach to drive growth.
Demandbase's CMO, Peter Isaacson, explains why sales and marketing unification is a critical element to a successful ABM strategy and other key trends based on the company's recent ABM survey.
Think it's impossible to merge two corporate cultures during a global pandemic? Demandbase's CEO, Gabe Rogol, and Chief Product Officer, Jon Miller, share their experience successfully merging two distinct corporate cultures while working remotely.
Allison Metcalfe returns to Demandbase as Chief Revenue Officer.
Jon Miller, Demandbase's Chief Product Officer, shares insights into why B2B organizations need to implement CDPs systems now.