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Demandbase Logos and Brand Information

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Thanks for your interest in using the Demandbase identity. These guidelines should help you properly refer to Demandbase. Have questions? Contact us.

Demandbase Logos


Primary logo: Color

Use on a white background. Keep high contrast between logo and background.


White logo

Use on a dark color background. Keep high contrast between logo and background.

Demandbase Brand Colors

Primary Brand Colors
Colors we use for large color blocks, text, and these are the colors that set the tone.

Night Blue
hex #004E88
rgb 0 78 136

hex #1F78AC
rgb 31 121 172

hex #08809F
rgb 8 128 159

hex #00A7BF
rgb 0 167 191

Slate Grey
hex #484B58
rgb 72 75 88

hex #969C9E
rgb 150 156 158

Fog Grey Karl
rgb 234 237 237

rgb 255 255 255

Secondary Brand Colors
The primary accent colors that are associated with the brand and used for headlines, annotations, callouts, accents, etc.

Deep Purple
hex #051E56
rgb 5 30 86

hex #FF8426
rgb 255 132 38

Specialty Brand Colors
Extending the brand with more colors to make it friendly and used in illustrations, charts, graphs, icons. These colors should be used sparingly and should not overpower the primary or secondary brand colors.

hex #FFBA4E
rgb 255 186 78

hex #B46AC1
rgb 180 106 193

hex #42D8BC
rgb 66 216 188

Sky Blue
hex #5DBAE9
rgb 93 186 233

Demandbase Fonts

Source Sans Pro

Google font available here


Google font available here