Uberflip Scales ROI-Achieving Ad Campaigns with Self-Serve Targeting



increase in net-new account visits


of accounts targeted visited their site


overall lift in target account interest
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Toronto, Canada
Self-Serve Targeting
Demandbase usage results:
I love the Demandbase ABM Platform. I love working in it. The Self-Serve Targeting Solution was just the icing on the cake by helping us have that control and flexibility to be more hands-on within the programs. Being able to go into an ad campaign and edit things on my own is really great.
Rachel Bosley
Growth Marketing Manager

The Head Scratcher

Uberflip is a content experience platform that helps B2B Marketing and Sales teams create personalized, curated content streams for prospects and customers.

Uberflip is no stranger to ABM, with a robust Account-Based Marketing program and ad strategy to match. With more traditional ad campaign creation, they often found themselves limited by the time constraints of different contributors when gathering audiences, creative assets, and other campaign elements — making the process feel hectic and rushed.

They were looking for an ad solution that would provide a scalable way to manage one-to-one and one-to-few ABM ad campaigns, one that was flexible enough to suit the needs of a busy Marketing team. They turned to Demandbase Self-Serve Targeting Solution.

What’d They Do?

Self-Serve Targeting allows Uberflip to execute multiple hyper-targeted ad campaigns with ease. With no limits on the number of segments and campaigns, they can create ads that are targeted towards specific industries and even specific companies.

“You can go through each step in order, or you can work backward as well. So if you don’t have the Audience, no problem, you can skip that and come back to it later. It’s not like you had to have all the steps ready all at once, which I really like.”

– Rachel Bosley, Growth Marketing Manager, Uberflip

It also simplifies the way they manage their ads, since Self-Serve Targeting has five easy steps for building campaigns that can be completed as they receive assets and audience lists from different parts of their organization. This way, Marketers can complete campaigns at their own pace, since they can add assets as they receive them and save campaigns as drafts. They work more efficiently and manage multiple targeted campaigns with ease.

How’d They Do?

Within a 90-day period, Uberflip saw 84 new opportunities influenced by their ad campaigns with Demandbase, in addition to:

  • 20% increase in net-new account visits to their website
  • 48% of accounts targeted in their campaigns visiting their website
  • 34% overall lift in target account interest

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