StrongView Increases Web Engagement and Conversions

The Challenge

Battling for mindshare in a competitive market

StrongView is a leader of email, mobile, and social media marketing solutions that enable marketers with multi-channel programs to acquire, retain, and drive loyalty across their customer initiatives. Their solutions include email marketing, transactional email, lifecycle marketing, mobile and viral marketing technology that help marketers increase reach and revenue.

StrongView was facing an all-too-familiar challenge: the fight against bigger, more established competitors in the midst of rapid company growth that required the Marketing team to change misconceptions away from a legacy business model. Marketing needed a cost-effective way to provide ‘air cover’ to Sales by educating prospective customers before the teams engaged with their target accounts.

The Solution

Taking on the competition with Company-Targeted Advertising

When Demandbase introduced Company-Targeted Advertising, part of the Targeting & Personalization platform, StrongView saw immediate opportunity to combine digital advertising with strategic account marketing to get their brand and ‘what we do’ message to a targeted list of accounts. Their goal was to use Company-Targeted Advertising to attract and drive these prospective customers to Once on the website, visitors from these target accounts would see personalized messages that continued to educate them on StrongView’s solutions and value propositions.

Leveraging the Demandbase ad solution, the Marketing team launched an “air cover program” that would cover more ground to a targeted list of strategic accounts, alleviating the need for Sales having to contact every prospective customer. The solutions included:

  • Target a discreet list of strategic accounts. The Marketing team worked with Sales to develop a list of 500 accounts used to target and serve impressions
  • Personalized ad creative with four key messaging themes. StrongView developed four unique ad creative that supported four different messaging themes. They implemented a call schedule to reinforce the messaging themes found in the core ad messages.
  • Dynamic impressions served only to target accounts. Leveraging the Demandbase platform, four unique ads were presented only to these 500 accounts, wherever they were on the web.



The Results

Aligning Sales and Marketing with zero waste advertising

Previously, the Marketing team trialed a few online campaigns but were unable to gauge the effectiveness of these ads back to sales efforts. With the Company- Targeted Advertising solution, StrongView saw one-to-one results measured by website engagement from the list of strategic accounts:

  • 42% lift in website traffic, specifically from the targeted list of 500 accounts.StrongView was able to measure and see an increase in engagement for the accounts – from advertising to website activity.
  • 29% conversion from inactive to active accounts. StrongView saw a 29% lift in new visits from strategic accounts that had been dormant and not on their website in at least 2 months.
  • Over 20X increase in time on website. Over 20 fold average increase in page views as a result of running personalized, targeted messages after visitors landed on the website.
  • 5X click-through-rate (CTR) with dynamic vs. static content. StrongView conducted A/B testing with messaging and saw a powerful engagement rate when dynamic content was served to their target audience.

As the smaller vendor in a competitive space, StrongView leveraged innovative advertising technology from Demandbase to get an advantage over the more established vendors. Deploying a consistent experience for off site and on site messaging, the Marketing team continues to see success in building their brand and educating their most high value prospects on StrongView’s value proposition. In the process, they battled the bigger vendors with zero waste advertising results – delivering an ROI story that Marketing and Sales can measure success on – by campaign and across the buying process, from advertising to website engagement to conversions.

Company-Targeted Advertising Gets Results for StrongView

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