Smashfly uses Demandbase to
deliver high-touch ABM



Know us.
Trust us.
Buy us.

With “spray-and-pray” methods not cutting it, these three pillars define Smashfly’s high-tough engagement strategy.

With Demandbase, Smashfly can see who is active on their site, what content they are looking at, and what content they’re engaging with. Using Google Analytics, Smashfly delivers targeted outreach to regional divisions of large enterprise accounts – a key insight for enterprise accounts with offices around the world.

For Smashfly, the Demandbase difference came down to three things:

  • Intent signals: the account-level intelligence was a layer deeper than what Smashfly saw elsewhere.
  • Audiences: Sales reps now focus on important accounts that exhibit behavior that is indicative of a future sale.
  • People: Demandbase has a deep knowledge of ABM and Smashfly felt they could learn from Demandbase.
Josh Zywien
VP of Marketing, Smashfly
Demandbase really, for me, it came down to the intent signals, for one. Again, being able to see that level of intelligence on the account level. Their activity on our site was just a layer deeper than we saw elsewhere.